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How to Start a Business in Italy.

With the covid-19, many of us are looking to start our own business and reinvent ourselves. If you are looking to form a company in Italy, our lawyers can take care of this process and provide you with legal advice on how to choose the most tax efficient option for you. In Italy, any new business or branch of business, both individual and company, must be registered in the company register.
Italian Limited Liability Companies
Italian Law prescribes two forms of limited liability companies:
S.r.l. societa responsabilita limitata – This is a limited liability company. They mist have a minimum shared capital of 1 euro. The company will be required to submit an annual tax return and the annual financial statements.
S.p.A. societa per azioni – This is a joint stock company. They must have a minimum share capital of 50,000 euros.
S.p.A. and S.r.l. are both limited liability companies. The Deed of Incorporation of an S.r.l. consists of a Certificate of Incorporation and bylaws and the following details must be provided:
The company name and address 
The purpose of the company 
The corporate capital 
Name of those who have the power to represent the company and those who have to audit it 
The costs borne by the company for the incorporation 

In Italy any business activity must be registered to get the (IVA) VAT number. 
It is a legal requirement that all capital is fully paid-in at the time of the incorporation. Your bank will issue a deposit certificate to be attached to the Deed of Incorporation.
Registration is then done by a local notary. Each director must then sign a Chamber of Commerce form.
There are also other possible formation routes such as:
Sas: Limited partnership
Srls: Simplifield limited liability company
Sapa: Company limited by shares
Snc: General partnership
European Cooperative Society
Business individual company
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